Mehrzer top quality products are designed in a way to boost feeling of safety and pride for your home. Carefully studied and strictly controlled Mehrzer products will become a part of your family and remain there for generations. A forever-lasting relationship. An investment into the future. There is a 100-year warranty on Mehrzer cookware. By using highest quality materials, they guarantee durability and functionality of the cookware for at least 100 years.

Stainless steel Mehrzer Inox cookware is a great help in your kitchen. 100% safe cookware can be washed in the dishwasher and is suitable for all types of hobs - electric, gas, induction, and also in the oven. A slightly conical shape of the pots allows to store pots one on top of the other even if they are of the same size. The practical design of the Inox series boosts a special lid handle design, which allows it to be multifunctional, practical placement of the lid on the side or as a kitchen utensil holder etc.