FACAL is an Italian company specialized in manufacture of access equipment, i.e. ladders and scaffoldings. Facal s.r.l. company is completely owned and run by the Negretti family, and has been established in 1929. by Achille Negretti, originally as a furniture manufacturing company. The first production of wooden ladders began back in the 1960s. In 1975. when son Massimo joined the company, they produced their first aluminum ladder. In 1989., they expanded the factory's facilities by adding around 4000 sqm of space where they focused on the production of aluminum ladders. Aluminum scaffolds were newly included in the production of the company, at that time. Today, the factory has an area of 15.000 square meters and employs around 80 employees. Company´s head office is located in Italy, in the small town of Marmirolo, near Mantua.

The company bases it's philosophy on the quality and safety of products, all certified in compliance with European norms. Due to the continuous development of the product range, company Facal is able to reach the end user whether he is a professional, a craftsman or DIY. Today, around 40% of the produced goods go abroad to European and non-European markets.