Enamelled cookware Olymp

Enamelled cookware Olymp

The unique collection of high-quality enamelled cookware Olymp offers wide assortment of enamelled products from enamelled mugs, through enamelled frying pans, roasters, bowl, colanders, buckets, basins to for example enamelled horeca cookware.

Enamelled cookware Olymp Levandule

Good quality enamelled cookware for a reasonable price with an elegant design is offered in the wide range of products, which are almost complete equipment of your household by cookware. The cookware Levandule will bring to your house, or cottage spirit and atmosphere of levanders fields from the South of France.

We can offer in this design:

Pot with lid (version with enamelled rim or stainless steel rim): 1 l; 2 l; 3 l; 4 l; 5,5 l

Teapot: 20 cm (2,5 l)

Mug: 8 cm (0,4 l); 11 cm (1 l)

Bowl: 16 cm (1,5 l); 10 cm (0,35 l); 19 cm (1,5 l); 23,5 cm (2,5 l); 26,5 cm (4 l)

Jug: 2,5 l

Jug for milk: 3 l

Enamelled cookware Olymp Houby

Good quality enamelled cookware and enamelled kitchen accessories with the mushroom's design.

We offer in this design:

Casserole with a long handle: 16 cm (1,5 l)

Teapot: 1 l, 2,5 l

Mug: 8 cm (0,4 l); 11 cm (1 l)

Bowl: 16 cm (1,5 l); 10 cm (0,35 l); 23,5 cm (2,5 l); 26,5 cm (4 l)

Jug: 2,5 l

Jug for milk: 3 l

Enamelled horeca cookware Olymp Granit

Good quality, high-volume enamelled cookware is suitable not only for households or cottages, but also for restaurants or hotels. The cookware Granit will serve for generations if it is maintain in the proper way. The cooking in this cookware is absolutely harmless to health thanks to inner high quality enamel layer.

We offer in this design:


32 cm, height 18 cm (14 l)

32 cm, height 23 cm (16 l)

32 cm, height 26,5 cm (20 l)

40 cm, height 22,5 cm (25 l)

40 cm, height 33,5 cm (40 l)

Enamelled backing plates Olymp

High-quality enamelled backing plates are suitable for sweet or salty backing. Timeless classic on the Czech market which is used for tens of years. The enamelled backing plates are easy to maintain and if you use them in proper way, they will serve to you for tens of years. The backing plates are enamlled at temperatures over 800 °C Celsius, so they are resistant to every temperature which is reachable in normal kitchen oven. The backing plates do not realese any toxic components and their absolutely harmless to health.

We offer in this design:

Backing plate:

29 x 23 x 5 cm

34 x 26 x 5 cm

36,5 x 29,5 x 5 cm

42 x 29 x 4,5 cm

Enamelled colanders Olymp

The practical enamelled colander with a long handle. Colanders are excelent to use during the cooking of pasta or vegetable salad.

We offer following designs:

Colander 16,5 cm, 1 l: white or creamy

Enamelled buckets Olymp

The practical enamelled bucket will serve in your household by many different activities from garding works, through storage of materials or food to assistance during different household works. The buckets are produce with a focus on high quality and long life, so they can serve to you for many years. Our buckets is possible to buy with a practical covaer and in different interesting designs.

We offer following buckets:

Bucket 26 cm (12 l)

- white, creamy, light blue (with decal or without decoration, could be delivered with or without lid)

Enamelled basins Olymp

Classic enamelled basins are suitalbe for preparation of food or it's storage. Basins could be used also for hand washing or for warm hand herbal/oil spa. Our basins are thanks different colors and decorations suiteble like very nice decoration in each houseld or cottage.
We offer following basins:

Basin: 7 l; 12 l; 16 l

- white, creamy, light blue (with decal or without decal)

Enamelled mugs Olymp

The offer of high-quality enamelled mugs, which can be decorated according to customers' wishers. For the calculation is important to receive information about requested amount of mugs, size of decoration and nr. of colors in decoration.

We offer:

Mugs: 7 cm (0,25 l);, 8 cm nízký (0,25 l); 8 cm (0,4 l); 11 cm (1 l)

Colors: white, black, red, orange, light blue, dark blue, creamy, light green, dark green, pink, cobalt, petrol, ivory bone, aqua, mint, turquoise, yellow (mustard), lemon

With or without decoration. Could be also made custom made decoration.

Enamelled jugs Olymp

The offer of original enamelled jugs, which could be great decoration of each household. The jugs are useful besides for pouring drinks, watering flowers like a stylish vase. In the case of customer's interest, we can made some customs made decoration.
We offer following jugs:

Enamelled jugs: 2,5 l (mint, red, milk, turquoise-aqua)

Enamelled teapots Olymp

The offer of stylish enamelled teapots suitable not only for each cottage or household, but also for custom made decoration. The enamelled teapots are absoluteldy harmless to health and in the case of proper care about them, they will serve to you for a long years. These teapots are appropriete choice for those people who like to enjoy their tea or coffee without any toxic components relased from many other materials which are used for the production of teapots.

We offer following teapots:

Teapot: 1 l (white, red, mint, milk, light green, turquoise-aqua, Becher-winter evening, yellow-mustard)

Enamelled bowls Olymp - round shape

Wide offer of high-quality enamelled bowls in many sizes and colors. Enamelled bowls are suitable not only for the serving of dishes, which will keep the requsted temperature thanks to thermal-insulation characteristics of enamelled bowl, but also for backing or for a nice decorations into each household. Enamelled bowls are moreover absolutely harmless to health, so the serving or the prepraration of food in them will not affect your health in any bad way. Our bowl are also suitable for custom made decoration.
We offer following bowls:

Enamelled bowls: 9 cm (0,25 l); 10 cm (0,35 l); 15 cm (0,6 l); 17 cm (1 l); 19 cm (1,5 l); 23,5 cm (2,5 l); 26,5 cm (4 l)

Colors: aqua, white, red, milk, Becher-winter evening, cobalt, pink, light green, yellow - mustard, dark tyrquoise

Enamelled roaster Olymp - rectangular shape

Wide offer of good quality enamlled roasters of two dimension and different colors. Enamelled roasters are used not only for backing, but also for serving of food wich will be kept at the requested temperature thanks to thermal insulatation characteristics of these roasters. Thank to enamelled cover, which is included in the packing is this characteristic multiplied. The enamelled roasters are absolutely harmless to healts, so the serving and the preparation of dishes will not affect you health in any negativ way. These enamelled roasters are also used for the decal application.

We offer following roasters:

Roasters with a cover: 20 x 13 cm (1 l) a 22,5 x 15,5 cm (1,5 l)

Barvy: white, mint, Becher-winter evening, red, cobalt, milk, pink, light green, yellow - mustard, aqua, bordó