MEGA - PLAST Jovanovic d.o.o. is a company established back in 1979. Since the time of establishment the company has the same business strategy - full service, product and quality satisfaction of our customer, above on mutual bases. With this strategy, the company ensures good reputation and loyalty to regional partners. Mega Plast successfully cooperates with all regional partners and retail chains. The company has business partners in Mexico, Australia, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Tunisia, Liberia, USA, South Africa, and also in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Mega Plastic, as well as all leading manufacturers of plastic products, is trying to expand the range through the daily development of attractive, particularly high quality and long lasting products.

  • Household equipment - dishes, glasses, goblets, jars, waste bins, dish drainers, bowls, trays, shelfes, bathroom items, etc.
  • Garden - various models of chairs, armchairs, tables, small tables, pots, flower boxes, etc.
  • Toys - unending world of toys of all sizes and colours for outdoor or indoor use, cars, tractors, bulldozers, cubes, swings, slides, doll stroller etc., all under the brand ANA KIDS
  • · Disposable food packaging

Mega Plast obtained all necessary certificates relative to health safety and toy safety, as well as certificates from the National Furniture Testing Institute. All our plastic products are free of recyclable raw materials (no products can be produced out of this material in Serbia), which guarantees high quality and long lasting product (the higher admixture of recycled material in a products results with quicker formation of cracks, especially under frost). The colours used in the production give the products not only an excellent visual appearance, but they also ensure technologically perfect characteristic. Not only that they are resistant to direct sun's UV radiation by exposure, they also have a long lasting colour consistency and resistance to low temperatures and intense moisture. Furniture is suitable for indoor and outdoor use or as swimming pool furniture without the risk of product damage. As with other products, it is necessary to avoid contact with sharp objects to avoid mechanical damage so that the product remains in top condition for a long time. The furniture doesn't need high maintenance, so it is very popular for outdoor use. The chairs and armchairs are ergonomically shaped and stackable to minimize space. Dolce, Smart, Urban, Vita, Bella and Rattan Lux chairs have solid aluminium legs that will never corrode even when used as furniture by the swimming pool. Plastic furniture is easy to wash and maintain by washing using a pressure washer.